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BMO Harris mortgage review: Affordable lender for a variety of mortgage types, including construction loans

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Overall lender rating

Pros and cons

BMO Harris mortgage interest rates and fees

BMO Harris displays a few sample purchase and refinance rates for its mortgages online. You can see rates for both conforming and jumbo loans.

Your interest rate isn’t the only thing you should be thinking about when getting a mortgage. While your rate will impact what you pay each month, lender fees can make a big difference in what you pay in closing costs.

BMO Harris charges a $1,150 underwriting fee to borrowers.

Compare to other mortgage lenders

BMO Harris vs. Chase mortgages

BMO Harris and Chase are both strong options for borrowers looking for affordable mortgage products. Chase’s DreaMaker mortgage is geared toward low-income borrowers and allows low down payments with reduced mortgage insurance costs. It can also be combined with its Chase Homebuyer Grant, which offers up to $5,000 in closing cost or down payment assistance. 

BMO’s affordable offering, its Neighborhood Home Loan Product, allows low down payments with no mortgage insurance, and comes with up to $7,500 in down payment and closing cost assistance. 

Which of these lenders is right for you depends on your needs and your finances. Because they have similar offerings, it might be worth getting preapproved with both to see who can offer you the best deal. 

BMO Harris vs. Bank of America mortgages

Bank of America also offers an affordable mortgage product, called the Community Affordable Loan Solution. For those who are eligible, this mortgage is a great deal, with no down payment required, no minimum credit score, and no mortgage insurance. However, this mortgage is currently only available in a handful of cities. 

If you aren’t in an eligible area for Bank of America’s affordable mortgage or BMO’s offerings work better for your situation, you might prefer BMO over Bank of America. But both are solid lenders.

How BMO Harris mortgages work

BMO Harris is available in all 50 states and Washington, DC. If you’re ready to submit an application, you can get started online or over the phone. But if you’re just looking to get an idea of what you can afford, you’ll need to speak with a loan officer about prequalification.

BMO Harris offers both basic and more unique mortgage types. Its basic offerings include conforming, FHA, and jumbo mortgages. It also offers physician mortgages for doctors who are early in their careers, construction loans, a cross-border mortgage for Canadians buying a house in the US, and a Neighborhood Home Loan Product.

The Neighborhood Home Loan Product requires that borrowers contribute at least 1% of the purchase price from their own funds, and offers between $1,000 and $7,500 in down payment or closing cost assistance. No mortgage insurance is required. You’ll need a 640 credit score to qualify.

BMO also offers a conforming 3%-down mortgage with down payment assistance of up to $9,000 and a minimum credit score of 620. This lender also works with state housing finance agencies to provide affordable mortgages in states that offer them. 

If you’re looking for home equity options, you can get a home equity loan or HELOC with this lender.

Current BMO Harris customers can potentially get a $100 or $200 discount off their closing costs if they set up auto pay from an eligible BMO Harris checking account.

Is BMO Harris a reputable lender?

BMO Harris has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The BBB measures trustworthiness based on response to customer complaints, honesty in advertising, and transparency about business practices.

On WalletHub, BMO Harris currently has a 3.7 out of 5 star rating, based on 695 customer reviews.

BMO Harris mortgage FAQ

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